My name is Annalisa Victoria Sawtell.

To the world, I am a wife and mother. I am a 25-year-old, female millennial with interest in poetry and visual arts. I am a resident of Minnesota and a regular at our local Smith Coffee & Cafe (mostly for their stained-glass windows).

To Jesus, I am a masterpiece: I am a purposeful masterpiece and have been made by a Creator who creates with a plan in mind.  I am a strategic undertaker of the Kingdom mission and my hope is for the words presented to you throughout this site to contribute to that mission as they draw you nearer to the King.

It is my objective that you will have find words that enable you to reflect, and gain a greater grasp on who Jesus is and how you relate to him. We are called to love this world and shine our light, and it is my belief that we have our own particular flavor or love and light--one that is discovered through a relationship with the Almighty. You (and I) are on purpose. We don't always get everything right, but we are atoned for by the one who has. 

Untitled_Artwork 21.jpg

Wherever this day finds you, know that I believe you have a golden shine. It flickers in the dark, though sin may attempt to extinguish that light,  I believe in you. I believe in Jesus, in you. And I believe in the grace that continually enables us to try again. Browse, read, think, enjoy, and know that I pray these words will be lush and life-giving, a true gift to you from the Ravisher of Souls.